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In order for Smoky View Cottages and RV Resort to continue being pet friendly please read and acknowledge the following policies:small_-pngtree-black_hand-painted_5054119_1.png

  • We do charge a one-time non-refundable pet charge Per Pet (Not applicable for service dogs, documentation required)
  • The fee is $50.00 Per Pet, for pets up to 50 pounds, pets above 50 pounds $75.00 per pet, With prior approval only. Two pets per cabin maximum. 
  • Misrepresentation of pets or the number of pets can result in immediate non-refundable eviction.
  • All pets must be vetted / flea treated and up to date on all shots. No aggressive dog, regardless of breed.
  • Pet owner is responsible for any damage incurred from pet to any area of Smoky View Cottages and RV Resort.
  • Pet owner is responsible for pet at all times. Pets are not to be left unattended at any time.
  • Pets are not permitted on furniture of the bedding in the cabins unless you obtain linens from the office for a minimal charge or bring linens from home to cover furniture to prevent excessive cleaning charges.
  • DO NOT allow pets to potty on bushes, gardens, decoratives, buildings, outdoor furniture, autos, and common areas.
  • You are required to clean up after pets' business. Not cleaning up after your pet can result in a $50.00 fine, per clean-up, this includes urine cleanup on all Smoky View Cottages property. 
  • Maggie Valley and Smoky View Cottages have a Legal Leash Law. All pets must be leashed at all times outside of the cabin! The owner must maintain control of the pet at all times. 
  • NO pets inside the gated pool area. NO exceptions.
  • Pets CANNOT be restrained to trees, furniture, porch, or any other outdoor item, NO inground tie-outs are allowed.
  • If housekeeping hears excess barking we will knock on the door. If pets are NOT created you will be charged a $50-$5000 fine.
  • NO WET PETS IN CABIN, DO NOT USE CABIN TOWELS TO CRY PETS. There are professional groomers available in the area. 
  • No pets/grooming allowed in or on the property of bathhouse.


*If you see any of our guests treating any animals unethically or breaking this policy, please let our front office know. We love our guests, furry friends (and our occasional hairless), and our property.


Disclaimer: Any damages to the cabin or cabin property or another person or animal because of a pet will be the sole responsibility of the registered guest. Guests are held financially responsible for all physical damages to the cabin (i.e., chewing, scratching, flea infestation, etc.) inflicted on the cabin by the presence of a pet. If an excessive amount of cleaning is needed from the presence of a pet (i.e., soiled furniture, hair on furnishings or bedding, fleas, etc.), the guest will be held responsible and the credit card on file will be charged for the amount of the repair/recovery. We want to keep everyone and every little guy and gall as safe as possible! We have a speed limit of 5mph to keep our children, pets, and all guests safe. Please keep in mind that Smoky View Cottages will not be held responsible for any accidents. Smoky View Cottages & RV Resort would love to have you bring your pet along with you on your vacation!

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