Whether you are feeling stressed because of excessive workload or just want to recharge your brain cells, a relaxing vacation will always help you. Now, if you are planning to explore Maggie Valley and thinking about what to do there, let us help you. With captivating landscapes, mouthwatering food, and several outdoor adventures, Maggie Valley has become a favorite travel destination for families. This resort town in North Carolina provides vacationers a place to enjoy the following activities:  

Exploring Wheels Through Time Museum 

Are you a passionate biker? If yes, then the Wheels Through Time Museum is surely your place. Wheels Through Time Museum, the home to rare American motorcycles, will surely fascinate riders like you. While enjoying cozy cabins like Smoky View Cottages & RV Resort in Maggie Valley, do not forget to explore this museum, a house of more than 300 rare machines.

Hiking in the Mountains 

Looking for some of the best hiking trails near Maggie Valley? Let us help you find some great trails. The Boogerman Trail, Hemp Hill Road Trail, Rough Fork Trail, Spruce Mountain Loop Trail, etc., are some of the best names you can count on. You will surely enjoy your hiking through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Feeling excited? Go for it to make the most out of your fun vacation. 

Going to Maggie Valley Rock Shop  

Maggie Valley Rock Shop has an awesome collection of minerals, gemstones, sculptures, and handmade jewelry. Pay a visit to the rock shop with your family to collect the best crystals and jewelry pieces. 

Skiing at the Cataloochee Ski Area

Located in the Western North Carolina mountains, Cataloochee Ski Area with 18 ski slopes and trails will give you the best skiing and snowboarding experience. Suitable for beginners and intermediate skiing enthusiasts, this area has an awesome atmosphere. To release your stress, go skiing at the Cataloochee Ski Area and fly down the snowy mountains. 

Watching Elk at Cataloochee

Your kids are going to enjoy watching a herd of elk grazing at Cataloochee. They are not afraid of humans. So, you can easily observe them. The herd can be seen any afternoon. Just manage some time and go to Cataloochee with your kids to make their holidays more enjoyable. 

Choosing the right cottage and resort is no less important than deciding on outdoor activities. To make your Maggie Valley trip enjoyable, make sure you plan everything properly – from booking accommodation to choosing the right destinations and deciding outdoor activities. 

Smoky View Cottages & RV Resort, a well-recognized destination in Maggie Valley, welcomes guests throughout the world. This is a perfect place for families who are looking for a relaxing vacation. For any kind of outdoor activity like skiing, motorcycle riding, hiking, and snow tubing, Maggie Valley is the perfect place to vacation. Just pack your bag, and book your stay with Smoky View Cottages.  

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Are you planning your next vacation? How about exploring Western North Carolina? You must be wondering why we have recommended this place. Well, there are several reasons why you should visit Western North Carolina at least once in a lifetime, and spectacular mountain views are undoubtedly one of them. Vacation rental cottages like Smoky View Cottages & RV Resort give you space for enjoying the breathtaking mountain views. 

5 Best Western North Carolina Views You Can Enjoy 

Fryingpan Mountain

Being a nature lover, you must be looking for some places where you will enjoy the cool fresh mountain air and spectacular views? Hiking is a great way to enjoy panoramic views and refresh your mind and body. From Fryingpan Mountain Lookout Tower, you can have a hawk’s view. Go for a short hike through Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoy the beauty of Mt. Pisgah. 

Devil’s Courthouse

Again, a great place for both nature lovers and hikers. To enjoy the exceptional mountain views, just hike through Devil’s Courthouse trail and go to the summit of the mountain. It will take some time to reach the summit and this is a challenging hike. But the stunning views from the summit are worth the journey. 

Craggy Pinnacle

Don’t miss the chance of watching the beautiful sunset from Craggy Pinnacle. You can also explore the beautiful dense forest, off the Blue Ridge Parkway to spend some time in nature. The Blue Ridge Parkway offers spectacular roadside views to nature lovers. Incomparable mountain views, lush green dense forest, great ambiance – all great reasons why you should explore this place. 

Black Balsam Knob

Want to enjoy spectacular views of the wildflower-covered mountain? Reach the Black Balsam Knob summit and lose yourself in nature. Trekking through the Balsam grove is a great way to find peace. The rocky mountaintop, colorful wildflowers, fresh breeze, and warm sunlight – everything is there to make your hiking enjoyable. 

Rough Ridge (Grandfather Mountain)

Your trip to North Carolina will remain incomplete if you do not hike on Rough Ridge. Majestic mountain views of Grandfather Mountain, rocky mountain top, and serene ambiance are some of the reasons why this place is worth exploring. It’s a perfect place to relax your body and mind, relieve your stress and recharge your brain cells. 

Apart from the mentioned, there are several other places from where you can enjoy the panoramic mountain views. Explore the best places in Western North Carolina, and enjoy your vacation with your family or friends. 

Smoky View Cottages & RV Resort, a favorite place to nature lovers, can give you a great home base for spending ample time in nature. Whether it is about enjoying beautiful mountain views or spending quality time with your family in the cozy cabins, they are there to make your vacation peaceful and relaxing. Visit Western North Carolina and spend an unforgettable vacation with your loved ones.

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